Grand Family Dentistry Specializes In Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly developing from purely cosmetic to real, health-related dental corrections. While the purely superficial reasons for visiting a cosmetic dentist are still easily the most popular, a growing number of patients are turning to cosmetic dentists to replace missing teeth, correct cracked or otherwise damaged teeth, and protect teeth from further damage.

Despite the expanding health-related services that a cosmetic dentist can now offer, most people are still coming in for teeth-whitening. A cosmetic dentist can use a laser to make teeth up to six shades lighter. This is a drastic change compared to the change that store-bought whitening strips can bring about. Home kits can only whiten teeth one shade, and as a further consideration, they can really damage your teeth, unlike professional laser treatments.

Another cosmetic reason – perfecting a smile – is the second most popular reason that people have for visiting a cosmetic dentist. Whether the patient has crooked teeth or an unsightly gap, the dentist can address the issue without braces, thanks to veneers, bonding, or overlays. The end result, no matter which method is chosen, is that the teeth look perfectly aligned. The dentist will coat each tooth, varying the thickness of the coating to correspond with the location of the tooth. A tooth that sits further back will have a thicker layer.

Finally, a growing number of people are using cosmetic dentists to fix missing teeth. This certainly improves the smile, but this type of work is more than just cosmetic. For example, replacing a missing tooth can allow a patient to properly chew food, and improve digestion. In the case of missing teeth, the dentist may insert an implant, a metal screw drilled into the patient’s jaw. The screw molds with the jaw bone over the course of several months, and then a false tooth is attached. A cosmetic dentist can also help the patient avoid the unpleasant process of replacing missing teeth by protecting vulnerable teeth. A tooth that is decaying from within can be plugged with ceramic – known as inlays – and a tooth that has external damage can get a complete ceramic coating. The end result, no matter what the treatment, is a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile.

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